The project


According to legend, they are witches who weave the secrets of the earth with silver moonbeams and dance in the shadow of a walnut tree, united by the enchantment of life. Their mysterious footsteps and bewitching laughter still resound among the vines: they are the Janare, creatures of the wind and bearers of an inborn wisdom. In reality, they are the women of Sannio, untamed to the point of becoming witches for the sake of legend. We have dedicated our wines to the Janare in order to pass on an ancient culture in a contemporary taste while keeping their magical aura alive. The Janare wines are an invitation to discover an authentic Samnite tradition. We feel like its children, but above all its guardians.

We are in the land of the Samnites, tireless and tenacious farmers.
We are in Santa Lucia di Guardia Sanframondi, in the province of Benevento, in the Telesina Valley, where the cultivation of vineyards shapes a harmonious landscape, nestled between the Matese Mountains and Mount Taburno. It is here, in the Sannio region, that the true wine-growing engine of Campania is concentrated.

We are in an area that, from the valley floor of the Calore River, rises towards the alluvial terraces and the marlstone flattening surfaces, then climbs up into a complex mosaic of soils, in which volcanic ignimbrite plays a significant role, finally pushing up to the tenacious marly hills. In this undulating landscape 350 metres above sea level, the Janare wine project was born.

With its 500 hectares of vineyards for a total of 1,500,000 bottles of still and sparkling wines, Janare aims to promote indigenous vines and safeguard the territory through the valorisation of the immense heritage of local knowledge and distinctive practices, used as fertile soil on which innovation can take root and be cultivated.

The first experience of ‘zoning’ in the Sannio Benevento area, the Janare special project aims to enhance the
quality of wine production by linking it to the specificities of the production sites.


La Guardiense is one of the largest agricultural cooperatives in Italy. Founded in 1960 by 33 far-sighted and courageous members, today it has around 1,000 farmers cultivating more than 1,500 hectares of vineyards under their own management. Annual production is around 200,000 quintals of grapes and the cooperative can boast one of the most important sparkling wine plants in Southern Italy.
La Guardiense, led by only three presidents in over sixty years, has been able to adapt to the times and changing markets, becoming a symbol of technological progress for the entire province and succeeding in combining experience and modernity, while also paying great attention to environmental sustainability and renewable energy.