Other Gems


According to legend, the Janare were mutable creatures, capable of making wind and governing the elements of nature by dancing under a walnut tree. The magic has never abandoned these lands and today it has been transformed into a profound knowledge of the land’s resources and production techniques capable of preserving them, thus succeeding in shaping time, the element that governs the world.

And it is time that changes and balances the sweetness to give life to an unlikely Sannio queen: Her Majesty the Falanghina. A Passito with a golden colour that is memorable for its intense and unmistakable aroma.


Amber is an organic stone often used in magical rituals. It is the essential element of many spells and has been attributed the virtue of guarding the very essence of life.

Because amber, unlike precious stones, is warm to the touch and often contains fragments of history, biology and ethology within it, it has often been associated with life cycles and longevity.

The magical aura that has always pervaded the lands of Sannio Benevento was the main source of inspiration for the development of an Aglianico rosé wine, as delicate and elegant as the fossil resin from which it takes its name and which becomes an extraordinary version of one of the area’s main grape varieties.


These two wines belong to an innovative zoning project, aimed at identifying designated production areas, capable of guaranteeing quality levels consistently higher than the territorial average. The cru itinerante (“travelling cru”) concept, which this line has always pursued, introduces a further level of selection. In wine production sites, already unrivalled for their characteristics, only the best vineyards are singled out from year to year.

It comes from an extremely diversified terroir in terms of soils and morphology. It is a complex cru where consistently excellent wines result from the winegrowers’ ability to master and harmonise, vintage by vintage, the behaviour of the vineyards on the different soils, slopes and exposures.